Hailing out of Brandon, Florida, College student Elijah Martin is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter, and violinist. Elijah blurs the boundaries of typical genres and breaks through standard conventions. Pulling inspiration from R&B, Glam Rock, Pop, and Experimental Electronic Music; and with his Violin, he gives his music that Celtic feel. He separates himself from other artists through his indistinguishably unique sound. Elijah views music as a way to connect with others no matter their background. 


     From the age of 10, He began formally to learn the violin especially after hearing his late mother playing the instrument. Most of his personal inspiration comes from his family's background. Specifically, from his grandmother, a hardworking woman from Puerto Rico who has always been there for him and has done whatever it takes to help him succeed. Elijah drew tremendous inspiration from the pain of losing his mother during his junior year in high school and also from all the issues happening in the world today.

     He has pulled from these experiences and writes all his songs from what he feels. His life’s motto is, "NEVER give up, and do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, make sure you're living life to its fullest."

     When Elijah is not in the studio, Elijah performs at private events singing and playing violin. Entertaining audiences is one of the most fulfilling ways he spends his free time. Currently Elijah also works as a lifestyle model and plans to venture into the acting industry.
     Elijah Martin has officially released his debut single, “SkytaPop,” on August 14, 2020, followed by another original song, “I’m Not Your Game” released September 25, 2020, and “Trying” scheduled for release on October 30, 2020.  In 2021 he will be releasing another 6 singles and by the summer 2021, he will be releasing his album, “Love Is An Action,” which is a compilation of all his previously released songs plus adding a new bonus track.


     His music is recorded at the Hands In Motion Music Production Studios in Brandon, Florida by the Grammy Award® Winning Pianist, Latin Grammy Award® Winning Producer, Multiple Global Music award winner as Composer, Arranger, and songwriter, Lannie Battistini.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.